Close My Eyes - Albertine Verhoeff

A girl finds herself alone at a concert, or so it seems.
Made for Albertine Verhoeff who wrote en performed this song.

I Just Missed It

Great accidents start with little things. Made in my second year Animation at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Special thanks to Geoffrey Koer who did one of the voices and the theme song for the film.

Do It Yourself

A man buys himself a closet, but putting it together turns out to be pretty hard. A film I made in my first year of the Utrecht school of the Arts (HKU).

René Magritte

This animation is inspired by the paintings of the Belgian surrealist René Magritte. I really wanted to show what I like most about his paintings, the way of looking differently at normal things. The music is from Paul Simon.

Easy Living

An animation inspired by the song Easy Livin' from Uriah Heep. The film includes one of my old characters Kek who spots a great treasure through his telescope. But a great treasure doesn't come that easy.


I originally made this animation for school and this year a won the first price in a Dutch art competition called De Kunstbende. Enjoy!