Pecker · Short film

PECKER from The Drawing Room on Vimeo.

A film I worked on from Erik van Schaaik and Patrick Raats called Pecker.
The bird pecks, the ox objects. But without the pecking, life becomes very complex!

Netherlands Film Fund & Pathe Cinema's - Ultra Short Award. Screened before Shrek 3 in The Netherlands. Produced by The Drawing Room, Jiek Weishut

Landgoed de Weelde · Short documentairy


bureau gras
A/D: Ruud Winder
Camera: Tim Visser
Edit: Daniel Oliveira Prins, Peter Puntman.
Tekst: Robert Blaauboer
Voice-over: Jeroen Kramer
Sound: In Albany New York - The 126ers (CC BY 2.0)

Super · Short film

Super - Short Animation Film from The Drawing Room on Vimeo.

A film I worked on from Johan Klungel called Super.
The main character, “Albert”, gets lost in the seductive world of pretty packages. When his frivolous fantasy turns into a nightmare he discovers a different world behind the facade of the supermarket.

Dutch entry for the Oscar's 2014 in the category short animation film. Produced by Jiek Weishut and Greg Lawson.

Waterpaard · Short film

Text: Marjet Huiberts
Music: Henny Vrienten
Voice: Lot
Animation: Johan Klungel